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I believe in accountability

If I am so honored as to be elected to represent Michigan's 48th District, you can expect a minimum of monthly communication, and regular alerts regarding current legislation that is being considered.  I will always vote with the best interest of Main Street in mind.

Some people are just born honest.  You know who they are in your life.  They are the people who - even if you disagree with them - you know they are telling you THEIR EXACT TRUTH.  No agendas.  No extra-curricular motivations.  They just. Speak. Truth.

My hope is that if you ask any friend or acquaintance who has known me since elementary school, they will describe me in a few words: intelligent, caring, and honest.

Accountability and communication have been a built-in expectation my entire professional life --  first as a teacher, then as a principal.  In short, I have spent the last 30 years sharing information, motivating others, and being held accountable by my community.  If I mess up, I'm the first to admit it.  When there are concerns that threaten my community, I am the first to alert others to them.  I am accustomed to this responsibility, and have learned to be skillful in my communication.

When I say that I believe something...that's it.  It means that I have spent time thinking, researching, listening to viewpoints from the opposition, and have come to a conclusion.  If I change my mind, it is because I have learned something new about the topic impactful enough that it offset all of that prior thinking and debating.  

You will always get honesty and communication from me -- no matter what.  If you disagree with my viewpoint, tell me why.  I am always ready to hear the other side of things.